The benefits of accessing support and counselling for a rape or sexual abuse survivor

Many people who have survived rape or sexual abuse never tell anyone what has happened to them. It is believed that around 54% of cases are never reported but this is difficult to… Continue reading

Survivors UK – Talking about male rape

There is a lot of coverage in the media of female rape and sexual abuse but it is only in recent years that more information and help has been available for survivors of… Continue reading

The No More Page 3 Campaign gathers momentum

The No More Page 3 Campaign has been gathering momentum all over the UK, with the backing of Mumsnet and Girl Guiding. The No More Page 3 Facebook page now has over 24000… Continue reading

Why Valentine’s Day can be hard for people who’ve experienced sexual abuse

The conventional imagery that surrounds Valentine’s Day depicts connotations of romance, love and sex. Many adverts use sex to sell their Valentine’s Day wares and there is a strong commercial focus on love… Continue reading

Leaving an abusive relationship

It is a widely noted fact that divorce rates soar at the beginning of a New Year in January. This is thought to be due to the Christmas holidays, providing families with an… Continue reading

This is ABUSE

The Home office launched the “This is abuse” campaign in early December, the latest phase of information to try to combat domestic abuse, especially within young, teenage relationships. The campaign is aimed at… Continue reading

White Ribbon Day

White Ribbon Day is the United Nations’ international day for the eradication of violence against women, and it takes place on November 25th. Groups across the world will mark the day with fundraising… Continue reading

Volunteer With Us!

Can you help? We are recruiting for helpline, face-to-face counselling and administration volunteers. No experience is necessary as training will be given and we welcome applications from any women who are 18 or… Continue reading

Is Feminism on the Rise?

Lucy Holmes has launched one of the most successful campaigns against Page 3 in The Sun newspaper. Jane Martinson has created a website bombarded by messages and stories of abuse women have suffered,… Continue reading

Lose the Lads Mags

A campaign has been launched by UK Feminista and Object to remove the Lads’ Mags from shops and supermarkets, or face legal action. Fourteen lawyers from firms across the country have advised that… Continue reading